zig Zag Rose Cones

Zig-Zag’s Launches Cones Made From Real Rose Petals

One of the most famous brands when it comes to smoking accessories now launches a slightly different product line. Zig-Zag has announced its new rose petal cones and blunt wraps. The product launch comes four years after the 2017 internet-hyped trend of wrapping weed in rose petals.

About The Product

The rose petal products are available now, and the business is touting them as being more environmentally friendly due to their “natural” ingredients. The Rose Cones and Wraps are part of the company’s environmental offset program, which involves the company planting a tree in California for every $15 online transaction.

“Additionally, rose petals contain Vitamins E, C and polyphenols that protect the body from cell damage and have shown the ability to lower chronic disease risk, improve immunity, deliver anti-inflammatory properties, reduce menstrual cramp ​pains, and assist with digestion.” – Zig-Zag

Be Careful!

While it comes to your health, be cautious when choosing rose petals for DIY blunts, as you would with anything you smoke. Some stoner websites have warned that flowers can be grown with dangerous substances. If you’re going to light up with organic blossoms, keep an eye out for them.

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