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Ukrainian Refugee Asks If Weed Is Legal In The UK During Live News

Citizens boarded buses and prepared to depart the nation, Sky News reported from near Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital.

“The passengers are really stressed,” the reporter added before asking one man whether he was OK, to which he replied, “I’m OK.”

The refugee made his priorities apparent after learning that the reporter was British.

“Is cannabis legal in the United Kingdom?” he inquired.

Given the circumstances, it took a few moments for the reporter to wrap her brain around what he’d just stated.

“I’m pleased that’s all you’re thinking about,” she remarked once the penny dropped.

While the moment of levity provided some much-needed light respite for viewers, the situation remains dire.

According to the United Nations, towns are being compelled to bury residents dead during Russia’s invasion, and more than 2.8 million people have fled the nation (UN).


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