4 Things You Can Do With You Collected Weed Stems

First of all you need to start to collect your Cannabis stems. We recommend to collect the stems inside your buds and and the small leaves around it. Fan Leaves and the main stem contain only a very small amount of important cannabinoids (THC, CBD & more). It’s just a waste but you can use them to make things like hemp paper, insulation and much more.

1. Make Cannabis Tea

Just grind your stems and put it in a tea bag. Choose your favorite tea and steep it together with the stems for about 5-8 minutes. Now you can add honey or sugar and ready is your very special tea. It is important to know that this tea does not get you high!

2. Make Cannabis Oil (CO2 Extraction)

You can use its stems on to make cannabis oil. However, for this you should also use leaves, otherwise the amount of oil obtained will be very small.


3. Use It As A Herb For Cooking

You like to cook and want to try something new, then use your stems as a spice and give your food a special flavor.

cooking with cannabis

4. Make Cannabis Butter (CannaButter)

You can use your stems to make Cannabis Butter. There are many different ways you can make camnabis butter. Stems, trims & also flowers are suitable for this.

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