THC-A Crystalline pure THC

THC-A Crystalline – 99.99% Pure THC


THCA /  THC-A crystalline is rumored to be the strongest hash in the world. THCA has become so popular that the market price for a single gram is $200.

During the last decade, the extraction of cannabis has greatly improved. Growers and extractors have mastered their crafts up to a level that allows them to transform cannabis concentrates into a variety of textures and forms. Concentrates like rosin, BHO, bubble hash all have been developed via the improved extraction techniques. However, the percentage of THC in the extracts usually ranges from 50-80%.

Hitherto, the extraction of concentrates with pure THC was just but a dream to players in the cannabis industry. This, however, seems not to be the case anymore as a company from Southern California, Guild Extracts, has managed to make this dream a reality, by creating a concentrate with 99.9% THC.


What Is THCA Crystalline?

During the extraction process, THC crystalizes turning into crystal-like small “rocks.” The appearance of the product is very different from other marijuana concentrates available.

The company states that “THCA Crystalline was developed as a means of delivering large, quantifiable doses of THCA.” However, as Guild Extracts are one of the only companies producing this concentrate, they keep the production process a secret. Moreover, they claim that their company can make the crystalline out of any raw material such as CO2 extract, ice water concentrate, or hydrocarbon extract. Notably, the company further added that they do not use a solvent in the extraction process.

Further, the company explained that THCA is the state of THC in Its “raw” form. Notably, the initials THCA stand for tetrahydrocannabinolic acid. However, THCA is non-psychoactive. It only becomes active when heated during decarboxylation. During this process, the acidic atom “A” is removed leaving behind the psychoactive compound THC.

Thus, to get high THCA crystalline has to be vaped or dabbed.


How Is THCA Made?

Like earlier explained, THCA is a compound from the same plant as THC only that the former is extracted while the plant is not yet dry. Interestingly, most people are used to the later because it is the most common. Further, people know that THC is derived once the plant is dry enough. One might wonder how THCA comes about and why it comes out almost 100% pure. Here is how.

Cannabis is the primary source of THC known to man, but various other plants have generous deposits of the substance. These include Coneflower, Electric Daisy, Black Truffles and Black Pepper among others.

The Process

To make THCA, the process begins with a prepared plant from the list above. Frequently, people prefer cannabis because it has the highest concentration of the target substance. Once the plant is ready, an extract is prepared from the plant which will now be the source for raw material.


The first step after the extract is obtained the addition of acetic and hexane acid. Notably, the need for these two chemicals is to ensure that THC is separated from the extract without having to undergo decarboxylation. This is the process where heat is applied to a plant extract or dried cannabis plant to obtain THC. However, decarboxylation usually consumes a lot of important elements and adds impurities to the final product. This is the reason why the THC that obtains from the process is only about 50% pure.

On the contrary, hexane and acetic acid dissolve the plant matter while leaving the THC substance whole. Further, it does not interfere with the process of separation by way of adding impurities. The resulting mixture is then filtered and separated using chromatography. Finally, methanol is used to purify the crystalline to be sure that the final product is only 0.003% impure.

THC Uses

The Uses

Interestingly, there has been extensive criticism of THCA crystalline where the detractors liken the crystalline nature to such hard drugs as cocaine and meth. But, as we all know, looks can be deceiving.

Despite the appearance, this concentrate can be used for medical purposes. Its pure form is more of an advantage. Since it is possible to convert THCA crystalline into 99.9% pure THC, it can be dosed with high precision. This characteristic makes it especially attractive for many cannabis patients who would want to have precise intakes.

This product could be a fast relief for those patients whose diseases require therapies that have a high THC concentration. In essence, THCA could turn out to be the most effective treatment option for the patients. Further, the substance best suits those patients who do not wish to experience the effects of THC because when ingested pure, THCA crystalline has zero psychoactive effects.

Although the medical potential of THCA crystalline hasn’t been fully researched, it has several potential benefits. It has anti-inflammatory properties for the treatment of arthritis and lupus as well as neuroprotective properties for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. Further, the substance is said to have anti-emetic properties for treating nausea and appetite loss.

Like THC and CBD, this new product can cure:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties for treatment of arthritis and lupus
  • Neuroprotective properties for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
  • Anti-emetic properties for treatment of nausea and appetite loss
  • Anti-proliferative properties noted in studies of prostate cancer

The Effects Of THCA Crystalline

The effects that you get from a pure THC concentrate certainly are considerably different than from using a less potent extract. Interestingly, THCA can give the user more satisfaction compared to the smoking dry herb. Even though the high potency of THCA crystalline may seem scary, it’s not debilitating. According to some enthusiasts, THCA is potent enough to leave the user in the right mood for creativity.

Nonetheless, it is apparent that this concentrate lacks the signature aroma and flavor of cannabis. This is because it lacks an element called terpenes which is responsible for the distinctive qualities. In the light, if this, Guild Extracts came up with “dip n’ dab” which mimics the qualities and hence giving the users the impression that they are using cannabis.

Notably, the firm said that dip n’ dab is a product of a proprietary process that involves dipping THCA crystalline into terpenes that is extracted from Goji OG, Sherbert, and Tangie. As such, users of THCA can get an intense high as well as the taste and aroma of cannabis.

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