Snoop Dogg and Ed Sheeran

Snoop Dogg Parties With Ed Sheeran & Smoke Weed Together?

As they headed backstage, the unusual trio posed for Instagram photos depicting them partaking in vices alongside the artist’s entourage.

Saturday, Snoop, 51, performed in an Australian venue and uploaded behind-the-scenes antics to his social media accounts.

While they caught up, the man of the hour sat between Ed, 32, and Russell, 58, drinking from a red plastic cup while smiling and joking.

In addition to an assortment of alcoholic beverages and what appeared to be a setlist, eagle-eyed fans observe a jar of strange green herbs sitting on a table that also had an assortment of alcoholic beverages and a collection of burned cigarettes.

In the clip, spectators observed the rapper presenting his guests with a massive gold chain, a gesture he has exhibited in the past.

When he previously met Jamie Foxx in person, he presented the actor with the identical present.

The unexpected encounter occurred after Ed announced the specifics of his forthcoming record release and tour.

Minus (-) will be released on May 5, and the artist has stated that the tracklist is his most vulnerable to yet. A video of the meeting that surfaced on the social networking app also captured Snoop smoking a rolled cigarette and joked with the Bloodstream singer that he would be “consuming all your cannabis.”

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