Zig-Zag 70mm Rolling Machine


Zig-Zag Premium – 70mm


Many people in the know would classify the Zig-Zag Premium rolling machine as the best one on the market today. Built with the best materials, the Zig-Zag Premium rolling machine requires just four simple steps to guarantee a perfect joint every time. On the downside the Zig-Zag Premium rolling machine is designed especially for 70 mm Zig-Zag papers, so if you prefer some other paper this might not be the rolling machine for you.

Product Description

Zig-Zag’s Premium 70mm Cigarette Rolling Machine is the gold standard in loose tobacco rolling machines. Especially designs to fit 70mm Zig-Zag paper, this rolling machine is in a class of its own. Operated with a simple 4 steps, you can achieve the quality and consistency you can not get with the traditional hand rolling method. Another benefit to this rolling machine is more even smoking of the cigarette. Since you can lay the paper in the machine, you can use both hands to evenly distribute the tobacco. The result is a perfectly rolled cigarette every time, with maximum smokibility, minimum effort and little wasted tobacco. Change your smoking experience today with this superb smoking tool. Heres to rolling the perfect cigarette every time mymainman!

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