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Strawberry Cough (Fem) – Sativa Hybrid – 18% THC

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Strawberry Cough delivers a fruity sweetness and a clear-headed high. This sativa-dominant strain truly smells and tastes like strawberries.

Supposedly, according to marijuana folklore, it was first cultivated in a strawberry field. Some say that’s where it gets its unique fruity flavor. And, it packs a powerful punch with its 20% indica and 80% sativa makeup.

Strawberry Cough Purchase Options

  1. 5 Seeds for $99
  2. 10 Seeds for $119
  3. 20 Seeds for $189

Strawberry Cough, 20% Indica / 80% Sativa


Up to 18%


Less than 1%

Grow Information

Easy to Grow, Indoors & Sunny or Cool Climate, Tall Plant Size, 8 Weeks Flowering

Taste & Smell

Berry, Skunky, Sweet


Medical Uses

Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue

Information & Supplier

Info: This is an affiliate link, we get a sales commission when you buy the product • Supplier: I Love Growing Marijuana


USA, Australia, United Kingdom (UK), New Zealand

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