Rainbow Haze Mixpack (3×5 Seeds)



The Rainbow Haze Mixpack ✓ Blue Haze – Purple Haze – Super Silver Haze ✓

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Rainbow Haze Mixpack is perfect if you like Sativa and Haze strains. This Mixpack contains the following strains:

  1. Purple Haze feminized
  2. Blue Haze feminized
  3. Super Silver Haze feminized

1.1 Purple Haze is one of the most known Haze strains in the world. The plant forms a beautiful purple colour during flowering. The Sativa genetics provide an energetic high, with the Indica genetics being noticeable in larger quantities. With a THC content of around 20%, this strain is not suitable for beginners.

2.1 Blue Haze produces beautiful flowers and is a strong variety with 20% THC.

3.1 Super Silver Haze is a popular variety in Europe. In Holland every coffeeshop has this variety in their assortment. SSH gives a creative and energetic high, followed by euphoria and good mood. With up to 18% THC this strain is perfect for daytime use.

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Rainbow Haze Mixpack Purchase Options

  1. 3×5 Seeds for $119
  2. 3×10 Seeds for $179

Purple Haze, Blue Haze, Super Silver Haze


18% up to 20% THC


Less than 1%

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USA, Australia, United Kingdom (UK), New Zealand

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