Pineapple Haze Feminized



 THC ~19 %
 CBD <1 %
 Genetics Sativa Dominant (Pineapple Hybrid x Haze Sativa)
 Flavours: Sweet & Fruity (Blueberry & Strawberry)

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Pineapple Haze is known for delivering a cerebral buzz along with a whiff of pineapple. While most experts agree that the strain comes from the pineapple hybrid and the haze sativa strains, there is some debate. The strain is also known for its high potency, which can make it intimidating for some beginners but just right for experienced smokers. Those who consume it in moderate doses are likely to enjoy the buzz without concerns.

Plant Size (Tall)

Pineapple Haze seeds tend to grow into tall plants, sometimes reaching over 8 feet in height. When fully grown, they also feature large colas that further their pineapple scent. The plant features flowers that are medium to large in size. Those leaves are tightly coiled in a yellowish-green color, with hairy brown pistils poking through.

Taking a closer look at the buds, an observer will realize they create a slightly spherical figure, although chunky. Oddly enough for a primarily sativa hybrid, Pineapple Haze’s buds are dense, like those expected from an indica strain.

Inside the leaves, growers will spot amber trichomes, which are expected from such a potent strain. These trichomes give this strain its golden color and make the plant very sticky.

Difficulty (Hard)

Any potential grower should be prepared before they decide to grow this strain, as any Pineapple Haze review indicates that it is hard to grow. Experienced growers will have to rely on their skills as well as their patience when growing this strain due to its long flowering period. The required skill comes from the fact that even experienced growers classify the plant as “finicky” at times.

However, growers agree that once they successfully grow the plant, they feel that the reward was worth the effort.

Flowering Time

The flowering time for this strain is usually 10 to 12 weeks, making it one of the strains that take a little longer to flower. However, the high yield growers are likely to get from the plants makes up for the long flowering time. Growers can also reduce the figure by two weeks if they grow indoors.

Yield – Indoor And Outdoor

Most Pineapple Haze reviews from experienced growers recommend growing the plant outdoors in areas with reduced daylight. A Mediterranean climate is ideal. This type of environment lengthens the vegetative periods and, therefore, the flowering period. The result is better mature plants with very long branches and more flowering sites. Just keep in mind that growing Pineapple Haze outdoors is best started in late April to May, harvesting the buds by the time October ends.

For those who choose to grow their Pineapple Haze seeds indoors, consider bending, super-cropping, the screen of green, or topping techniques to help reduce the height of the plant.

  • Indoor: Up to 250-550 grams per square meter
  • Outdoor: Up to 510 grams per plant

Genetic Line

As mentioned earlier, the commonly accepted genetic parents of Pineapple Haze seeds are the Pineapple Hybrid and the Haze Sativa. Some people have claimed it may bear Trainwreck or Hawaiian genetics. However, it is far from the commonly accepted, given the name of Pineapple Haze and its combination of aroma and effects.


  • User Recommendation Info: Experienced users will do best with Pineapple Haze due to its high concentration. With THC levels of up to 19%, it is easy to get overwhelmed accidentally when enjoying Pineapple Haze. Even experienced users will likely just want to take one or two hits of their Pineapple Haze because of its intensity.
  • Time Recommendation Info: Morning or daytime are the best times to use Pineapple Haze. This comes from the fact that it tends to make the user feel upbeat and energetic. Additionally, the body buzz helps with daytime consumption, as does the lack of sedative effects.

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  1. 5 Seeds for $79
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Pineapple Haze, 30% Indica / 70% Sativa


Up to 19%


Less than 1%

Grow Information

Indoors and Sunny Climate, High Yield, Tall Size, 12 Weeks Flowering

Taste & Smell

Citrus, Fruity, Sweet


Medical Uses

Depression, Pain, PTSD, Stress

Information & Supplier

Info: This is an affiliate link, we get a sales commission when you buy the product • Supplier: I Love Growing Marijuana


USA, Australia, United Kingdom (UK), New Zealand

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