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Growing & Review

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The Bruce Banner strain, named after the Hulk, grows tall and delivers high yields and potency, fitting in perfectly with the imagery of the giant green Avenger. Interestingly, the strong potency combines with a delicate flavor and scent, an unusual combination.

This giant of a strain has also won the Cannabis Cup. The strain comes from Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush, combining both of those strains, including scent. Because of the strain’s potency, it is best left to experienced users.

Plant Size – Tall

Any Bruce Banner strain review will let growers know that this plant grows tall, towering over other plants. That means that growers need to plan and ensure there is enough space for the strain to thrive.

When grown indoors, this strain tends to reach about 4.5 feet tall. Those who let it grow outside and reach its full potential may find themselves with a 10-foot-tall marijuana plant, something which is far from discreet.

Looking at Bruce Banner makes it obvious how this strain got this name, as it is large and filled with potent, bright greens, just like the Incredible Hulk. The leaves feature orange pistils twisting and curling around the sugar leaves covered in resin and trichomes. The water leaves go far to the sides and are a richer, darker green for more variations in color throughout the plant.

Difficulty – Medium

Beginners should not be overly afraid to try growing Bruce Banner, but growers with greater experience and knowledge will get better yields, giving this plant a medium difficulty to grow. Beginners should, however, think carefully about their climate before deciding to give the strain a try, as unpredictable weather can increase the difficulty levels when growing outdoors. At the same time, the height makes it hard to grow Bruce Banner inside.

To bring the difficulty back down to medium despite those factors, Bruce Banner is mold resistant. It is also fairly resilient against mildew, diseases, and pests, which further encourages beginners to give growing it a try.

Flowering Time – 8 Weeks

Not only does the Bruce Banner strain deliver high yields, but it does so quickly, flowering in just eight weeks or so, or up to 9-10 weeks. Those who grow the plant outside will want to harvest it in early October.

Yield – Indoor & Outdoor

Yields from Bruce Banner seeds are very high, giving growers the most for the space that they dedicate to the plant. The tall height of the Bruce Banner strain makes it best to grow outside, although those with tall indoor grow rooms may not run into any problems.

Outdoor growing will do best in Mediterranean-like weather, and indoor growers will want to recreate those conditions. Before growing Bruce Banner seeds outside, users should consider how discreet they want to be. The scent of this strain is fairly strong, so neighbors are likely to know what is being grown.

Those who grow indoors frequently use scrogging or Screen of Green to distribute light better. Stress training can also increase yields.

  • Indoor: Up to 600 grams per square meter
  • Outdoor: Up to 990 grams per plant

Genetic Line

Bruce Banner combines OG Kush with Strawberry Diesel. The result is a strain that is 60 percent sativa and 40 percent indica. This parentage comes through in the aroma and flavor, which combines hints of strawberries with kush-like musk and diesel aromas.

Bruce Banner Is Recommended For

  • User Recommendation Info: Experienced Users – Because of its potentially high potency and strong effects, Bruce Banner is best left to experienced users. Even then, savvy users will only use small quantities. Consuming too much of this strain can come with a risk of paranoia, headaches, and anxiety, as well as expected issues like dry eyes and dry mouth.
  • Time Recommended Info: Daytime – Using the Bruce Banner strain will provide mental focus, relaxation, and energy, lasting for hours. As such, it is an excellent choice for daytime use, as that allows users to put those effects to good use. Those who use it for medical purposes also typically opt for daytime use, as it can provide relief for hours.

Up to 25%


Less than 1%

Grow Information

Moderate Difficult, Indoors & Sunny Climate, Tall Plant Size, 8 Weeks Flowering

Taste & Smell

Diesel, Earthy, Pungent


Happy/Good Mood, Relaxed, Sleepy/Couch Lock

Medical Uses

Pain, Stress, Tourette's, Insomnia

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