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Blue Haze Cannabis Plant Strain



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Growing & Review

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Blue Haze combines the genetics of award-winning parentage to deliver effects that regular users can appreciate. Blueberry, one of its parents, won the High Times Cannabis Cup, as has Blue Haze itself, continuing the legacy.

Growing Blue Haze seeds can be a challenge for beginners, but for those with experience, the effort is well worth it. The good yields combined with the shorter flowering time, make this strain particularly popular among experienced growers. The strain does best when grown indoors or in a Mediterranean or Continental climate.

Plant Size – Regular

Blue Haze has a regular height compared to other strains. This strain does not typically get taller than five to six feet, or about 70 inches, despite its strong yields. Instead of growing upwards, Blue Haze seeds tend to grow into bushier shapes, which also contributes to their yield.

The Blue Haze plant is filled with furry and dense buds, which deliver its effects. Those buds are very tightly packed, to the point where many cultivators need a grinder to break them apart. Those snow-white trichomes cover beautiful shades of purple, green, and blue. This blue coloring helps the strain live up to its name. Growers should keep in mind that a cold shock is essential for the blue and purple colors, which can naturally occur by leaving the plants outside, including during cooler nighttime temperatures.

Difficulty – Hard

Some growers describe Blue Haze as hard while others describe it as medium-hard. All agree that those who want to grow this strain should be ready for a challenge the first time they plant it. After that, however, growing the strain becomes more straightforward. To make the challenge worth it, growers get good yields in return for their hard work.

Most of the challenges in growing Blue Haze seeds come down to its sensitivity. The strain does not handle fluctuations in humidity or cold snaps well. It also requires growers to provide a steady stream of nutrients without delay.

Flowering Time – 9 Weeks

Those growing Blue Haze should expect it to begin flowering in about nine weeks. Those who choose to grow the plant outside will find it ready to harvest near late October. Remember that the plants need a cold shock to achieve blue coloring.

Yield – Indoor & Outdoor

Because Blue Haze seeds are so challenging to grow, it is not wise to grow the plant outside except in excellent weather conditions. Any unpredictability in the weather can potentially ruin the crop. Those in Mediterranean climates have the proper type of stable weather to allow Blue Haze to flourish, with proper care, at about 75 degrees during the day. When growing Blue Haze outside, it is best harvested in mid-October.

Growing Blue Haze inside also protects the plant from pests and mold, both of which could ruin the harvest.

  • Indoor: 397 to 624 Grams per Square Meter
  • Outdoor: 454 to 567 Grams per Plant

Genetic Line

Blue Haze was bred from Blueberry and Haze, delivering genetics that is slightly Sativa heavy. The effects and aromas of Blueberry Haze seeds combine the features of its parents, being simultaneously sweet and spicy and funky yet fresh. That Blueberry parentage finds its way into the strain in an obvious way, via its aroma of blueberries that are sweet and sour.

Blue Haze Is Recommended For

  • User Recommendation Info: Experienced Users – Experienced users will get the most from Blue Haze, as it can be potent, especially in high doses. Those who consume a higher amount of a strain with higher THC concentrations could face paranoia if they are not careful or experienced in smoking.
  • Time Recommended Info: Daytime or Night, Depending on Goal – Its combination of effects means that a Blue Haze review typically suggests using it during the day to inspire a range of activities. Do not use Blue Haze too late in the day, as its effects can last for hours. But, consider taking it slightly later during the daytime, so the effects run out just in time for bed, as the final effects will help the body feel ready for sleep.

Up to 20%


Less than 1%

Grow Information

Moderate Difficult, Indoors, Average Plant Size, 10 Weeks Flowering

Taste & Smell

Blueberry, Strawberry


Happy/Good Mood, Euphoric & Activating

Medical Uses

Depression, Stress

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