Blue Cheese Feminized Seeds



 THC ~19 %
 CBD <1 %
 Genetics 80% Indica & 20% Sativa (Blueberry x Skunk #1  Phenotype UK Cheese)
 Flavours  Sweet & Fruity (Berry) • Tart (Earthy) • Exotic (Cheese)

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Blue Cheese is known for its sweet and savory flavor and aroma. This taste is just as unique as the euphoric feelings it delivers its user. With a makeup of 80% indica and 20% sativa, this hybrid is a fave among both recreational users and medical marijuana patients worldwide.

Blue Cheese Purchase Options

  1. 5 Seeds for $99
  2. 10 Seeds for $119
  3. 20 Seeds for $189

Blue Cheese, 80% Indica / 20% Sativa


Up to 19%


Less than 1%

Grow Information

Easy to Grow, Indoors & Cool Climate, Average Plant Size, 8 Weeks Flowering

Taste & Smell

Berry, Cheese, Earthy



Medical Uses

Muscle spasms, Pain, Stress

Information & Supplier

Info: This is an affiliate link, we get a sales commission when you buy the product • Supplier: I Love Growing Marijuana


USA, Australia, United Kingdom (UK), New Zealand

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