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Growing & Review

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Growing Information

Black Widow is known for its potency and cerebral high, and it comes from breeding a Brazilian strain with a South Indian one. To put the potency of this strain in perspective, consider that it is widely regarded as one of the strongest strains.

Black Widow seeds are easy to grow, working well for growers of any skill level, although beginners may not want to smoke it after growing it. The Black Widow strain lives up to its name as it can easily knock even experienced users out and overwhelm them. Notably, it won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995.

Plant Size – Regular

Once fully grown, Black Widow strains are typically only about a meter high, most for indoor growing. Outside, it can double in size, reaching two meters or six feet. This means that growers do not have to worry about running out of growing space.

While the Black Widow name invokes images of a spider, the trichomes, with their sticky, super thick coating on the buds, further this imagery by giving off the appearance of a spider web. Their thickness also gives a hint of the strain’s potency.

Difficulty – Easy

Those that are experienced marijuana users but new to growing may want to try their hand with Black Widow seeds, as this strain is forgiving and reliable, giving growers plenty of room for error.

To make it even easier to grow, it will thrive either inside or outside, allowing growers to choose their ideal space. Black Widow is also highly resistant to mold, mildew, and pests, giving beginner growers one less thing to worry about.

Flowering Time – 9-10 Weeks

Growers get a moderate harvest from the Black Widow strain in just 9-10 weeks. That moderate harvest tends to be more than enough, given the potency. For those who choose to grow their plant outside, it will flower in late September or early October.

Yield – Indoor & Outdoor

As mentioned, Black Widow thrives both inside or outside, and its small size means that growers do not have to find a large space to cultivate the plant. The only thing to keep in mind is that the strain has a powerful scent, which can eliminate any discretion during the growing process. That scent can travel surprisingly far, so growers should be prepared.

Yields are typically moderate to high. Those who choose to grow their Black Widow seeds outside will want to harvest the buds in early October.

  • Indoor: 340 to 455 Grams per Square Meter
  • Outdoor: 311 to 397 Grams per Plant

Genetic Line

No Black Widow strain review is complete without describing the plant’s genetics, which comes from a South-Indian Indica and a Brazilian Sativa. Both of these parent strains are known for their high potency, which led to Black Widow’s high THC content.

Black Widow Is Recommended For

  • User Recommendation Info: Experienced Users – Those thinking about trying cannabis should leave Black Widow to the experienced users, thanks to its high potency and intense effects. For the inexperienced, the sudden onset of euphoria and other strong effects may lead to panic, but experienced users should not have an issue, provided they know what to expect.
  • Time Recommended Info: Daytime or Evening, Depending on Amount – A Black Widow strain review lets you know that when used in small quantities, it can help with focus, making it popular during the daytime. In more significant amounts, evening use is best thanks to its strength.

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Grow Information

Easy to Grow Indoors, Average Plant Size, 10 Weeks Flowering

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