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Montana Sold $26 Million Worth Of Legal Cannabis In First Two Months

The Cannabis industry is booming!!! With $3.4 million in sales, the last week of February proved to be the best in the industry so far. This unexpected surge pushed February’s total sales to $13 million, just topping January’s total.

“Honestly I thought we would see a decrease in February, just because opening day was so robust,” said J.D. “Pepper” Petersen, the head of the Montana Cannabis Guild, to the Daily Montanan.

Montana has already received an additional $5.2 million in tax income from these two months of sales, thanks to the state’s 20% cannabis retail tax. However, as adult-use marijuana sales have increased, medical marijuana demand has slowed. In February, medical marijuana sales fell to $9.2 million, down from $9.7 million the previous month.

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