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How Mike Tyson Went Bankrupt & Regained Fortune With Hollywood Roles And Cannabis Farm

MIKE TYSON is on the comeback trail – and things are looking good.

With a successful podcast, marijuana ranch and even Hollywood film cameos, Iron Mike, 55, appears to be living the good life again.

But gone are the days of the sort of outlandish lavish spending that saw him blow his estimated $412million fortune and file for bankruptcy back in 2003, however.

In fact, the Baddest Man on the Planet has even managed to become a millionaire again – having recovered from eye-watering debt of around £18m at one point.

But how did he manage to blow that fortune in the first place? And how has he managed to rebuild his wealth?

Mike Tyson During The 90s

During his 90s heyday, Mike Tyson was one of the most famous men on the planet, having conquered the heavyweight division.

And he certainly enjoyed the spoils of his success, throwing lavish parties and reveling in the taste of fame.

Those bashes included his 30th birthday party, attended by a guest list of 700, including future President Donald Trump – the night brought him a staggering 320,000.

He also built a whole collection of cars, including the rare Lamborghini LM002 – valued at over 100,000 including inflation.

Tyson bought a Cadillac Escalade and a Hummer H2 – adding 140,000 more engines to his collection.

However, it wasn’t just big SUVs that joined his fleet, as he also bought a 400,000 Bentley Continental SC.

Global, The richest claim Tyson spent more than $ 3.5 million on his luxury car collection.

In addition to its wheels, Iron Mike has put together an even more impressive collection of luxury homes.

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