Thai Sticks – How To Make Them By Yourself

Thai Sticks have long been a cannabis favorite among seasoned smokers. Before we actually jump into “how to make a Thai Stick“, let’s brush up a bit on the history of Thai Sticks. Most cannabis consumers have never tried a Thai Stick before, mainly because it’s a laborious to craft and requires a lot of time and patients to pull off correctly. I know that the title includes the word “easy”, and while making a Thai Stick isn’t rocket science, it does a bit of practice to perfect the method.

The Origin Of Thai Sticks

In the 1960’s and 1970’s, Thai Sticks made their way into the cannabis scene. You probably guessed the country of origin based on the name. The original Thai Stick from Thailand used bamboo, cannabis and opium to make the final product.

These days however, Thai Sticks are covered with cannabis oils making it actually accessible for people like you and me to make our own. Of course, you could always get your hands on some opium, but that’s entirely up to you.

How To Make Your Own Thai Stick At Home


  • Cannabis Buds: (some say fluffier is better since it won’t compress as much when you tie it down, however if you don’t have fluffy buds, then just use whatever you have available. Good weed is a must.
  • Hemp wick:You can get this at any headshop for dirt cheap. Hemp wick is better than other binding materials mainly because it’s naturally sticky, making the roll much easier.
  • Cured Cannabis LeafWhen you get the cannabis leaf, keep it in a plastic bag in the fridge for a bit, that should do it.
  • Cannabis Oils (Wax,Rosin,Shatter):This is how you stick everything together. Think of this as the glue that will keep the leaf sticking nicely.
  • Tool to heat up the dabs:You simply need a long-pointy metallic device to heat the dabs up with a lighter.
  • Stick: This could be a small piece of bamboo or those sticks you use for kebabs.
  • Gloves (optional) – This is just so your fingers don’t get sticky.
  • Time and Patience

how to make a thai stick

The How Behind The Thai Stick

Step 1:

In the first step, you’ll take the Kebab stick and the Hemp wick. You’ll want to tie a small bundle at the bottom of the stick. A kebab stick has a pointy end and a flat end. The pointy end will be where your mouthpiece will go, the flat end is where you’ll tie the initial hemp wick to. Once you have made a few twirls at the end, it’s time to move onto the next step.

Step 2:

In step two, you’ll be ‘weaving the buds’ onto the stick. You’ll take the entire bud, you don’t have to break it down or grind it. Keep the nugs, then simply in the center stick the stick through. Be gentle in this step. If you mishandle the buds, you might break it. Get them weaved in somewhat tightly without man-handling the buds. Once the buds have been weaved in, you’ll want to fill any holes with some smaller nugs. You want it to be uniform.

Step 3:

Now you’ll start wrapping the blunt with hemp wick entirely. In this step, you’ll probably wrap it about ten to twelve times ensuring that it’s entirely covered. Don’t worry, you’ll be taking it off again, this step is just to keep it the nugs tight for the next phase. Once the blunt is wrapped with hemp wick, put it on parchment paper in the fridge for about a day or two.

Step 4:

24-48 hours later you can take out the Thai Stick from the fridge. You’ll now commence to unravel your hemp wick and you’ll notice the buds will stick in place. Now comes the fun part. In this step, you should have your dabs ready with your heating tools and leaf. You’ll now start wrapping the buds with the leaf. To do this, you’ll need to take a leaf, heat up a dab and stick a bit on each of the ends and roll it downwards like you would a cigar. Continue this step until the entire bud is covered with leaf. Then wrap it again.  You’ll also then store the wrap in a dark place, like a drawer or something.

Step 5:

A day or two later, it’s time to repeat step four one more time. Do that. This time when it finished however, let the Thai stick sit for a few days.

Step 6:

Now you have the Thai Stick wrapped and ready to go. Unravel the hemp wick and gently remove the stick from the blunt. Light it up and smoke it.

The Sticky Bottom Line

In conclusion a Thai Stick burns incredibly slowly. You’ll probably take days to smoke one yourself.

If you do attempt to do this, let us know and we’ll share it on our pages. However we’d love to see what you come up with.

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