Johns Hopkins Is Paying $2,660 To Eat Edibles & Drink Booze

On Monday, the university posted a bulletin looking for healthy adult volunteers, aged 21 to 50, for a research study. The study requires participants to commit to nine sessions in total, with seven of those sessions consisting of “participants eating a brownie containing cannabis and consuming alcohol and then completing several tests to measure different elements of performance,” according to the posting.

Participants who are accepted for the study could receive up to $2,660, which is good money for something most of you pay for every weekend.

Anyone who participates in the Johns Hopkins study will be joining a long tradition of drug and psychedelic research. Johns Hopkins University has recently conducted research on psilocybin from mushrooms, looked into how CBD affects drug tests, tested CBD’s effects against opioid withdrawal, and even created a playlist to listen to while tripping balls. – Click Here If You Are Interested

Source: Johns Hopkins University

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