“Law & Order” Actor Is Opening His First Cannabis Shop In New Jersey

Together with Charis B, the creator of California’s The Medicine Woman, the renowned rapper and actor Ice-T intends to create his own marijuana store in New Jersey.

Ice-T and Charis B reportedly acquired Jersey City’s Cannabis Control Board’s permission for the business earlier this week, according to 5,000 square feet of retail space will be present in the store.

Medicine Woman Store

“I’ve devoted my entire life and professional endeavors to helping others and erecting barriers for minorities. I’m delighted about the chance that legalization affords our community as a native of New Jersey, and I look forward to ushering in a new era for cannabis in the state “According to a press statement, Ice-T, real name Tracy Lauren Marrow, said. “To assure a quality experience for our clients and community, I’ve worked with my friend of more than 25 years, Charis B, who is an expert in cannabis and the founder of The Medicine Woman.

Ice-T was born and raised in New Jersey, and he has a residence there as well. He claimed that Jersey City would be a preferable location for the recreational cannabis shop, as he frequently travels there.

According to, he claimed: “There’s only one street there in Edgewater, that’s why I kind of voided them out.” Let’s go to Jersey City, my neighbor, I remarked. I come here every evening to go out because I adore Jersey City.

Ice-longtime T’s pal Charis B predicted that the company will do more than just sell marijuana.

“We are fervently committed to ensuring access to high-quality, affordable plant medicines, “In a press release, the former Playboy model made a statement. “Our goal to deliver Nothing But The Best is meaningfully extended by our collaboration with Ice T to bring The Medicine Woman to New Jersey.Offering a little social justice to help right the wrongs of America’s War on Drugs is one facet of the new endeavor. The business partners promised to hire people from the area and to give preference to candidates with prior cannabis offenses. By year’s end, the Medicine Woman store is anticipated to open.

On April 21, a day after the international stoner celebration holiday, New Jersey began selling cannabis for adult consumption. The state sold more than $2 million worth of cannabis on its first day of sales and more than $24 million in its first month of operation, despite beginning a day after the busiest day of the year for the marijuana industry.

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