Cannabis legal in germany

It’s Official: New Government In Germany Legalizes Cannabis

The last few days have been quite confusing for germanys – one day it was said that cannabis will now become legal – one day after that the hope was diminished again, as it was nothing official. But now something has happened, the coalition agreement has been official and confirmed. An important step is now done, now it will be exciting how this will be implemented in the future.

Here you can find the – 178 pages long coalition agreement of the traffic light 2021-2025 (German Language)– which is now also available to the public. To make it easier for you, you can jump to page 88, where the aspect “drug policy” is addressed. There it literally says:

We are introducing the controlled dispensing of cannabis to adults for consumption in licensed
stores. This will control the quality, prevent the distribution of contaminated substances and
and ensure the protection of minors. We will evaluate the law after four years for
social impact. We are enabling and expanding drug checking models and harm reduction measures.
we are enabling and expanding.
In alcohol and nicotine prevention, we are focusing on increased education, with a particular focus on children
on children, young people and pregnant women. We are tightening the regulations for marketing and
sponsorship for alcohol, nicotine and cannabis. We constantly measure regulations against new scientific
scientific findings and align health protection measures accordingly.

Source: Coalition Agreement / 24.11.2021 /

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