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Cannabis Jobs – 10 Jobs You Didn’t Know Existed

It’s one thing to have a love for marijuana, but is it really sensible to want a career in that field? When you talk about cannabis jobs, most might think of standing on the corner selling weed out of your jacket. But in reality, working in the industry can entail so much more. Marijuana jobs are becoming more and more available in many parts of the world, and it’s an industry that’s exciting and rewarding. Whether you’re looking for your first job or you want to transition out of your current one, let’s learn about where you can work.

Cannabis Jobs You Can Compete In All Over The World

You don’t have to be near a pot farm to be able to work a cannabis job. As long as you have a computer, internet connection, and some skills, you could enjoy any of the following positions:

Online Cannabis Jobs

Web Design And Digitization

You know what they say – if you don’t have a website you’re nobody. It’s true especially in the cannabis world where competition is fierce. Those who have an eye for graphic design could make a ton of money doing web design remotely. Live in Kansas but need to work for someone in New York? No problem.

Web design and digitization can bring you a ton of money if you’re skilled, making it one of the more popular cannabis jobs.

Social Media Management

How much time do you spend on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? Probably more than what’s sensible. Like most people, you get your information about where to shop from the ads and posts that are all over social media. It’s a great place for dispensaries to connect with their customers but is a time-consuming task.
Many people work for a cannabis company as their social media manager. This job usually entails writing captions and designing attractive images, as well as analyzing the hashtags and ad strategies that will work the best.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A huge factor in any online company’s success, sensible people use SEO. Making sure one’s website is written with SEO principles in mind is a great marijuana job, allowing you to work wherever you want. SEO guidelines change often, and what worked last week may not work today, so it can require research from time to time.

Often times, these three jobs are all rolled into one, where you become the main go-to person for all things media related. Who knew that cannabis industry jobs could be so important?

Cannabis Journalist

No matter what country you live in, weed is all over the news. With new regulations, new legalization measures, and new technology constantly coming to the marketplace, there’s always something to report on. Often times, a sensible journalist will work for more than one media outlet. You can write blogs, create articles for magazines, and even contribute to a newspaper.

Working this type of cannabis job offers a ton of flexibility. You get to decide what you write about and can work toward showing a variety of viewpoints on certain issues.

Create Your Own Business

Ok, this is probably the least sensible option because we all know that running a business is a huge endeavor! In all honesty, though, creating your own marijuana job by starting a business is a smart idea. You can sell apparel, run an informative website, or even open a dispensary if you have enough capital to do so.

Keep in mind that the marijuana industry is highly regulated, so make sure that your new business adheres to all regulations necessary.

Cannabis Jobs You Can Do In Legal States

Do you want a more hands-on experience when it comes to a cannabis industry job? If it’s legal in your particular area, you might enjoy one of these positions:

Legal Cannabis Jobs


Selling weed is so much more complicated than your typical retail job. You’ll acquire knowledge about each kind of product, various flower strains, and a host of regulations. That info makes this job one that pays well and is challenging in all of the right ways.

Master Grower

Working to grow marijuana is no small task. While most people join established farms instead of starting their own due to costs, you can go either way. Learning about the ways to grow cannabis and how you can make your own plants thrive is fun and rewarding.

Bud Trimmer

Harvesting the buds off of marijuana plants is time-consuming. Many farms will hire people to do this one job only, and as a bud trimmer, you’ll gain a new appreciation for the flower you smoke. A great entry-level marijuana job, it does tend to be seasonally based.

Cannabis Influencer

If you have a strong social media following, this may be the most sensible job for you. Cannabis companies often pay people to promote their products. You can earn a good bit of money by simply putting yourself out there. Those who are addicted to their phones find this cannabis job to be a sensible one.

Edibles Maker

One of the cannabis jobs that seems like more fun than work, being an edibles maker is flat out great. You get to experiment with science, baking, and weed to create new and delicious items. Many edibles makers work for laboratories, so this job can come with a nice paycheck.

The ways that cannabis jobs can help you to make money and live a life you love are nearly endless! Even if weed isn’t legal where you live yet, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy one of these great jobs. Worried about not having any experience? When applying for any of these marijuana jobs, think about the skills you do have that you can transfer over to this position. More often than not, employers in the weed industry are looking for people who are smart and passionate – the rest can come with time.

Do you work in the cannabis industry? What cannabis job do you have? Let us know in the comments below and tell us how you like it!

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