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Most Known And Best Bong Brands Worldwide

Smoking marijuana is growing in popularity, and so is the various means of taking the hit. Bong is increasing in popularity, and there are bong brands which promise the best experience when getting high. Interestingly, users are finding bongs to be safer in terms of hygiene and protection from harmful elements of marijuana smoke.

Basics: What Is A Bong?

One might already be wondering what these bongs are. For starters, a marijuana bong is a water pipe-like container that enhances the weed smoking experience. Often, the device comes in the glass material. However, there are other bongs made of wood, plastic, ceramic, bamboo, and metal, among other materials. It does not matter the material of the device since users get the same experience when using them.

Also, bongs come in different designs, but the Carburetor design is the most popular. This is because the design allows for a hole which passes fresh air into the main pipe. Due to the presence of the hole, the carburetor bong gives one of the strongest hits. Notably, the fresh air that passes through the hole compels the marijuana smoke to crash into the user’s lungs at a rapid pace. Further, this makes inhaling of the smoke easy.

Other bong designs which are popular to both marijuana and tobacco smokers include the Straight-Tube Bong, the Beaker-Shaped Bong, the Round-Base Bong, the Multichamber Bong, Percolator Bong, Bucket Gravity, Waterfall Gravity Bong, and some other homemade designs.

Despite the differences in design, the working mechanism of each bong is the same. Notably, the device has a water reservoir through which smoke passes before hitting the user’s lungs. The passage through the water expels pollutants and other harmful substances. As a result, the smoke that reaches the lungs is pure and smooth, hence making the hit more intense. The basic elements that make up a bong include a tube, a base, a bowl, and a downstem. The downstem is simply a narrow tube that links the base which holds water to the bowl which contains marijuana.

Most Known & Best Bong Brands Worldwide

AMG Glass

Few bong brands stand out in a niche that is characterized by high-quality products. Further, the market for the bongs is quite sensitive to class and, above all, quality. Therefore, tastes and preferences are quite volatile. As such, brands like American Made Glass (AMG) produces bongs that are elegant in style and attractive in color. Notably, the company specializes in bongs made of thick borosilicate glass that has high tensile property. Interestingly, the most distinguishing feature of the bongs is the tall stature where the water pipe might reach 18 inches in height. The tube design is straight, and the distance from mouth to the base is covered in skull pattern.


  • Great Designs

AMG Glass Bong American


Interestingly, AMG is not the only master of finesse in creating masterful bongs that attract many users. Manufactured in Germany, RooR is among the best bong brands because of the excellent glass blowing that goes into the process of development. Further, most of the legwork in the production chain is done by Martin Birzle, a world-renowned glass blower alongside his team of experts. The brand has a strong connection to the Germany culture considering that the name has its roots in the Rohr pipe. Notably, the borosilicate glass that makes the device is 2mm to 7mm in thickness. The high-end style of the device endears it to the smoking elite. RooR is one of the best bong brands in the world!


  • High Quality Bongs from Germany
  • Simple Designs
  • One of our favourite brands

Empire Glassworks

The company is in existence only since 2013, but it is making a lot of the right noise in the industry. Notably, the brand enjoys the services of a team of artists who have long years of experience in the field. Empire Glassworks produced bongs of exquisite glass and a design which is keen on beauty and detail. In addition to the bong, the company produces a variety of other products including water pipe, hand pipes and dad rig. Unlike much of her competition, Empire Glassworks relies on dichroic chips create the bong. This enables the device to have thin glass walls but to work at better efficiency levels that rivals.


  • Unique Bongs
  • High Quality Rigs and Bong
  • Very Expensive

Empire Glassworks Bongs and Rigs

Honey Supply

Depending on the user, marijuana bongs appeal in different ways. Besides the design and the ability to deliver a super hit, the quality of the glass matters. Interestingly, none has mastered the art of producing high standard and high-quality bongs like Honey Supply. Unlike common products in the market, the Honey Supply bongs can withstand high thermal shocks without compromising their structural integrity. Notably, the company has three major bong brands namely Double Circ Perc Bong, 3 Dot Bubbler and Grill Perc Oil Rig. Interestingly, the designs of the products draw from real-life structures.


  • Unique Designs
  • High Quality Devices but expensive

Honey Supply Glass Bongs


When it comes to advanced glass working, the EHLE glass bong has seen the best of computerized glass working. Based in Germany, the producers of this brand of bongs use premium level borosilicate glass that is worked through computer-controlled tempering and cooling processes. Also, EHLE produces the pipes and bongs in low volume such that the standard of the design and material remains high. Another interesting aspect of the products is that the prices are competitive. For $100 only, one can get access to a superior quality straight cylinder bong that has a 250 mL capacity. Notably, each bong comes with accessories such as a non-diffuser downstem and a bowl in the shape of a funnel.


  • Good Qualiy
  • Simple Designs

Ehle Glass Bongs Germany

Black Leaf

Germany is Europe’s most important economy where its current account balance has remained positive for a long time. Besides automotive ingenuity, the country is ahead in terms of bong technology. Among other brands like EHLE, Black Leaf is a German product whose stylish and high-quality design resonates with many users. The bong comes with an impressive choice of features ranging from unique tree percs to standard hand pipes. Also, the product takes on a simple design that is user-minded and quite affordable. Thus, it resonates with beginners who are yet to develop the teeth for sophistication and class.

  • Large Product Range

Black Leaf Bongs Cheap

UPC Glass

As the marijuana sector continues to catch pace, products such as bongs are getting more and more expensive. In particular, the prices will continue to rise as producers continue to scale their operations and reach exclusive users. Nonetheless, UPC Glass has remained loyal to price-sensitive users who are probably limited by lack of enough finances. Interestingly, all derivatives of the UPC Glass brand retail at less than $100 easily affordable. To be sure, most bongs come with glass tubes that are 5 mm thick and with a 50 mm tubing body. Further, the simplified design makes it quite easy to clean.

UPC Glass Bongs

Sesh Supply

Before the legalization of medical use of marijuana, many of the available bongs traded under the radar away from the eyes of the regulator. However, allowing for legal use and limited recreational use has created a sharp need for tools for safe ingestion of the leaf. Sesh Supply is among those players that are upping their game to meet the demand in the market. The bong uses the scientific design where the material is a glass of premium touch. Interestingly, the design and quality of the product have won various recognitions including the best glass prize during last year’s NorCal High Times Cannabis Cup.

Sesh supply glass bongs


Illadelph bongs are quite popular among users,and they deserve praise. Since 2002, the artists at the company have consistently designed products which fuse incredible functionality and amazing quality. In particular, the high-class nature of the bongs became entrenched after the company adopted the Philly lifestyle. The bongs utilize the scientific glass material and come in different shapes and sizes. Further, they adorn various percs and uniques features which have stood the test of time. Interestingly, one must not forget that it is Illadelph that came up with the idea of the glycerin coil.

Thick Ass Glass (TAG Bongs)

Thick Ass Glass is the king of cheap. This is one of those products that one cannot help but snap up because of the unbelievably low prices. Interestingly, the low price of the products does not imply low quality. Instead, the company takes pride in giving the best quality at affordable prices to the market. The products come with a multiplying inline diffuser with TAG-8”. Also, the bong comes in different sizes, shapes, and designs. Particularly, the artists at the company who designed the bongs ensured that one could easily handle them. Their simplicity makes them attractive as they afford the user ample time to enjoy the hit.


  • Thick Glass

TAG Thick ass Glass Bongs

Hi Si Glass

Well, this brand can easily pass for a mixture of most of the bongs in circulation. The product offers an incredibly sturdy bong with thick glass that ensures security if improperly handled. Further, the glass is impressively clear and utilitarian. The 50 x 5mm Hi Si Hexagon offers one of the best bowls in the industry. Many reviewers agree that the quality of the glass was built to surpass industry standards in that the risks of high-temperature smoke are minimized substantially.,

HiSi Glass Bongs 420

Grav Labs

It is no secret that some users are out there in search of luxury and the best experience while taking a hit. If you are that type, Grav Labs 7″ and 18″ is your thing. The 7″ might sound very small, but the guarantee for a nice experience is almost given. The glassware is quite pricey, and one must be truly in for the experience to go for that bong. In particular, the 7” type is a new generation Grav Labs bong which spots a showerhead percolator lined with tungsten. The bong gives off a robust puff of smoke alongside an exceptional range of flavors.

What are the best bong brands in your opinion – let us know in the comments.

e glass was built to surpass industry standards in that the risks of high-temperature smoke are minimized substantially.

Grav Labs Bongs and Rigs

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