I Used CBD Oil For Pain Every Day For 1 Month & Here’s What I Learned

Your early thirties are normally a busy time centered on healthy and productive professional and social lives. I always imagined my thirties would consist of a stable job, good relationships, weekly outings, and optimal health. Unfortunately for me, my thirties have so far consisted of constant back pain which has prevented me from enjoying all these things.

It has only been for a few weeks that this chronic back pain that has plagued my life began to dissipate, and I owe it all to two co-workers who turned me on to CBD oil for pain.

It all started one day at lunch when the subject of pain was brought up in our conversation. I told my co-workers about my recurring back pain, and they quickly recommended CBD oil for pain. I had heard about CBD in the past but was extremely skeptical, so I was surprised when I found out two of my closest colleagues used CBD products. I was still skeptical after our conversation and was vacillating about whether or not I should give CBD a try for the next few months as the pain continued to get worse. However, it wasn’t until the recent legalization of hemp that I decided to give CBD a try. If the experts were saying hemp could benefit people, I thought why ignore them?

Is CBD Oil for Pain Legal?

Even though I had considered trying pure CBD oil in the past, I was reluctant to actually make a purchase due to conflicting laws at the state and federal level. While most states had passed legislation to regulate the cultivation and marketing of hemp, hemp and its derivatives were still considered illegal at the federal level. However, this all changed last December with the 2018 Farm Bill.

The bill, which used to be known as Agriculture Improvement Act,legalized hemp at the federal level by removing it from the list of controlled substances. Additionally, it established that hemp was to be regulated by the Department of Agriculture instead of the Drug Enforcement Agency. This was the final push I needed to give CBD a shot, as I live in a state in which CBD had previously operated in a legal grey area.

Benefits and Effects of CBD

If you are new to hemp and CBD, it may be difficult to understand the effects of CBD and how it works in our bodies. Since hemp and CBD were considered illegal and dangerous in the past, access to the plant was not easy even for the purpose of scientific studies which has made research surrounding CBD relatively new. Only in the last three decades have studies advanced how we understand hemp and the effects of CBD on our health and wellness.

Basically, CBD belongs to a family of compounds known as cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are one of the main three components of our endocannabinoid system, along with endocannabinoid receptors and enzymes. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) plays a major role in the regulation of vital functions like sleep cycles, pain sensibility, anxiety, and more. CBD interacts directly with the ECS, helping to activate receptors and improving how our cells respond to external and internal factors that may influence all these functions.

Choosing the Best CBD

If you thought learning about the endocannabinoid system and CBD was overwhelming, take a deep breath because when it comes to CBD products, the options may seem endless. Thanks to its natural chemical composition, CBD is a highly versatile compound. Popular varieties of CBD include oils, edibles, beverages, and personal care products. Despite the different presentations and formulas, these products still deliver all the benefits users come to expect from CBD.

In my case, I started with a CBD lover bundle that included two of the most common CBD products on the market: creams and pure CBD oil.  My coworker had recommended a moderate dosage oil as an introductory product, but since I constantly struggled with back pain and sports injuries, I decided to buy a topical solution that I could apply directly to the affected area.

In the end, choosing the right CBD product(s) depends entirely on your lifestyle and wellness needs. For example, if you are constantly on the move, CBD gummy snacks are great option. If you are a coffee enthusiast, CBD coffee will be easy to implement into your routine. If you need help falling asleep, then melatonin-infused CBD is the ideal product for you.

How to Take CBD

Just like choosing the right product, CBD doses vary widely per individual. Additionally, it can take some time to find exactly how to best use CBD. Personally, it took me about four days to find the perfect CBD regimen as I experimented with multiple doses and combinations of products for the first few days.

I soon found that a daily dose of pure CBD oil (1-3 drops) was enough to keep my back pain at bay for most of the day. Unflavored CBD oil for pain can be a little bitter, which is why I often mix it into foods or smoothies. My CBD cream comes in particularly handy after my nightly workouts as it provides quick, targeted relief to swollen muscle and joints.

If you are new to CBD, my advice would be to start out small daily doses and work your way up until you find the right dosage for your needs. I would also recommend you explore all the possible varieties and find a store that offers multiple bundle options for a more complete treatment.

Results of CBD Oil for Pain After One Month

By now you can probably deduce that CBD oil for pain has been good to me, but that would be an understatement. In just one month CBD has genuinely changed my life. Before beginning my CBD treatment, muscle pain was affecting my social and professional life in unprecedented ways; but thanks to CBD, things are now looking up. One month later, back pain at work is almost nonexistent and small aches don’t interfere with my workouts and physical activities anymore.

After trying CBD for a month, I can now see why millions have turned to this hemp-derived supplement to treat pain and other conditions. In addition to providing a more natural treatment than pharmaceutical medications, CBD is not known to cause any considerable side effects, and it is completely non-habit forming. So what do you have to lose by trying CBD?

Why You Should Try CBD

I’m not going to sit here and pretend CBD is a miracle drug, but the truth is CBD does work, and it can help people. That being said, if you are considering CBD do not expect overnight results. The key is to find the most convenient way to integrate CBD into your daily routine and remain patient.

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